August 2020 YouTube

Videos posted in August to YouTube

[ code snippet ] JsonPropertyConverter.cs

JsonConverter that works with System.Text.Json allows having a string property that will just store the json element string instead of trying to parse the properties into a complex object

2020 Journey to 120

This post is just to kick off and mention that I will be doing a series of videos out on YouTube about my 2020 Journey to 120.

How to lower the real cost of a SQL Server Virtual Machine in Azure

Whenever you take out an Azure VM you generally get a single disk which is not that big, when you select a SQL Server based VM (even web edition) you automatically get a 1TB disk, if you are using managed disks you pay for that whole TB even if you are only using 1GB of it. This post will show you how you can lower the price of that virtual machine if you are in this situation